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Mark Furlong
“When the truth is combined with

doable action, powerful things happen.”

If you are a busy, working person who wants to experience God more, grow personally and spiritually, and accomplish your God-given purposes there is a good chance you will like what I write and teach.

I like doing a variety of things (author, pastor, coach, mini-world-changer) but they are all geared towards giving encouraging, practical information in ways that active people can actually understand and use. We live in a world of information overload. Even in church world there are more options than ever before to listen to world-class speakers for hours every single day and read book after great book.

I, too, love to read, listen and learn. But Jesus said just listening to great words does not produce great results. Great ideas have to be internalized and acted on in order to produce. That is why I work hard at creating materials that are short, easy to remember, and simple to act upon. When truth is combined with doable action, powerful things happen.


Experience God in Prayer

by Mark Furlong

Are you ready to know God better and enjoy life more?  Do you want to energize and deepen your prayer life one simple step at a time? Then this book is for you. Each chapter is short, giving you one key point on how to experience God and his life-changing power.


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Tom Smith

Great advice on how to connect with God and to experience His amazing love.

” Mark explains in simple language why we sometimes grow and experience more of God, and at other times it seems as if nothing is happening in our lives. Practical advice helps you connect with God and experience His amazing love.

Connie Melvin

Amazing Inspirational Book!

This book was amazing. It was filled with information that inspired me. It helped me in so many ways. I would recommend this book to anyone so that they can get the inspiration to improve their walk with God and get closer to Him.

Marilyn Meredith

Short but Powerful!

“What a wonderful guide to brighen your life with the joy promised to us in the Bible.The author has given us many ways we can change our life to being filled with joy no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. Every suggestion is backed up by scripture.”

Will Roberts

Positive, Caring and Strong!

“Mr. Furlong lays out a Bible-based program for becoming more positive, understanding and helpful. Scriptural study and affirmation are supplemented by other methods for boosting our daily experience of joy.”

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